How does it work?

On this platform you can participate in pro/con forum discussions - for more democracy.

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What's it all for?

A lot of people prefer to form decisions as a group rather than letting only one person calling the shots. This concerns family life, work related groups, non-profit organisations and politics.

Participation improves decisions

If everyone's opinion regarding a decision is heard and all arguments can be brought up, the decision will not only be better, it will be more widely accepted, even if it may not turn out as some individuals would like.

In a participation forum with pro/con structure, everyone who is affected by a decision can participate and, when necessary, co-decide.

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Participation - private life

Example: Your family wants to decide together where to spend the next vacation...

An input forum can help you to note down the various suggestions and sort pro and con arguments neatly..

Input eases decisions

In the end a decisions can be made easily by all participants.

If necessary this can happen anonymously.

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